Sudden Knock Out
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SKO: PK Trip this Saturday, February 26th! A combat level of 60-65 is required.

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 K Drizzy's clan app

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k drizzy

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PostSubject: K Drizzy's clan app   Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:17 am

Name: John
Age: 16
Runescape Username: K Drizzy
Level: 78 + 10
Stats: 60 atk , 90 str, 2 def =.=, 99 range, 99 mage, 92 con, 52 pray.
Past clans you've been in: Never been in a clan only in teams of 10 ish.
Why do you want to join SKO? Because I'd like to get some pixels, help members and fuck up other clans. (Thanks to Sko C ranked for telling me about SKO).
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K Drizzy's clan app
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