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SKO: PK Trip this Saturday, February 26th! A combat level of 60-65 is required.


 Req to join sko.

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Sko CranKed

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Req to join sko. Empty
PostSubject: Req to join sko.   Req to join sko. EmptyWed Mar 16, 2011 1:49 am

Melee Option
- 50+ Attack
- 90+ Strength
- 82+ Magic or Range
- 75+ Magic or Range
- 70+ Hp

Mage Option
- 94+ Magic
- 82+ Strength or Range
- 75+ Strength or Range
- 70+Hp

Range Option
- 90+ Range
- 82+ Strength or Magic
- 75+ Strength or Magic
- 70+ Hp

Hybrid Option
- Range + Strength + Magic = 264
-70+ Hp

-Desert treasure
-Recipe for disaster(mithril gloves)
-Monkey Madness
-Death Plateau
-Horror From the Deep

-No Pjing
-No Rushing
-No Scamming
-No Using Protect from prayer unless the player pjed
-No teleporting
-Respect other players
-Have Fun
The reason for these rules is even for when you are alone. They must always be followed because they show respect and how our clan works around other. Which will make us trustworthy and powerful.

Clan Events
-Must always show to clan events unless you are offline or we are having a training weekend. If you have any other excuses ask the leader and he will excuse you from the event.

-You MUST wear this outfit at ALL of our events
Red Hat
Green Hair
Red Teamcape(number 45)
Ghostly top
Ghostly bottom
Red Boots or Climbing boots
Mithril or adamant gloves
Any amulet you prefer =] (Glory or Amulet of Power will do good)

Thank you

sinserly Sko kranked

Req to join sko. Sko_2_10
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Req to join sko.
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