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SKO: PK Trip this Saturday, February 26th! A combat level of 60-65 is required.


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PostSubject: sko k o e d   sko k o e d EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 11:01 pm

Name: Amir
Runescape Username: Sko k o e d
Level: 74+2
Stats: 61 atk, 2 def, 93 str, 74 range, 82 mage, 71 HP

Past clans you've been in: Just some random clans for like a day or so. Never been commited to a clan other than SKO. Very Happy

Why do you want to join SKO? Well I have been in SKO for a while now. I joined because SKO seemed like a good clan with players that seemed to be commited to this clan. I now realize I made the right choice joining SKO. cheers

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sko k o e d
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