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SKO: PK Trip this Saturday, February 26th! A combat level of 60-65 is required.


 Dunnoe pk app

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dunnoe pk

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PostSubject: Dunnoe pk app   Dunnoe pk app EmptySun Sep 25, 2011 2:03 pm

Name: oli (irl)
Age: 18
Runescape Username: dunnoe pk
Level: 74 + 2
attack: 60
strength: 88
range: 87
mage: 89 - training to 94 atm
defence: 1
hitpoints: 80
Past clans you've been in: Kaos Pures + Sko
Why do you want to join SKO?
i was in sko before and my brother came on a trolled everyone so i got kicked i spoke to sko crankeed already and he just said re-apply and im sorted =] cheers boyys !
oh and will change name on 3rd of october =] thats when i can change it next Razz
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Dunnoe pk app
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